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Job Tip #1 | Self-Employment: Don’t Get a Job Start Your Own Business.

4 Mar

Isn’t that ironic?

My first job tip and I am encouraging you to consider  starting your own business.

But if you really think about it starting your own business in a down economy may be one of the smartest moves you can make.

Here’s why:

  • Your risk factor is lower than if you were to work for someone else. It may be the best way to support yourself.
  • You have more control over you life. You certainly give up your freedom and control when you are an hired employee.
  • Your barriers to entry are much lower. Prices for goods and service are lower than they have been in years and you won’t be competing for the same jobs as everyone else.
  • The energy you put into making someone else wealthy could be used to create wealth for yourself and your family.

Think about this: your business¬† doesn’t necessarily have make you rich. Although that may be a great goal.

It could be something as simple as starting an eBay business or working as an affiliate selling products and services for other online and offline businesses.

So there you have it. Start you own business. Create success and wealth for yourself. And take back control over you life in the process.

What are your thoughts?