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Job Tip #8 | Focus: Ask Yourself This Question “What’s the One Thing…?”

12 Jan

Not all actions bring about the same results.

Some actions may negatively influence your career and life while other actions may positively influence them. In this article I encourage you to determine what positive action you can take today to move you one step closer to career and personal success.

So as you move forward in 2010 and beyond ask yourself this question at the beginning of each day:

What’s the ONE thing I can do TODAY that will move me closer to accomplishing my career goals?

This question is really important for a number of reasons.

  • It gets the “wheels” turning in your head for positive actions you can take today, right now.
  • It weeds out the unimportant junk that only creates busyness (or noise) instead of creating value for your employer or creating portable equity for your personal brand.
  • It helps build tenacity or becomes a tool for removing barriers that hinder success.
  • It keeps you focused on the big picture.

Once you have decided on what the one thing is, you can then take action.

Your goals could be anything ranging from learning a new job skill to starting your own business.

And your actions could be anything as simple as making a to-do list to making that much needed phone call to a new contact.

Again, it’s important to first determine what that one thing is and then take action. The snowballing effect of doing the one thing daily builds momentum and moves you closer to your goals.  Thus, your success is inevitable.

And think about this.

There are 365 days in a year, correct? So, if you ask yourself this question every day of the year and act on it, you would have taken at least 365 steps toward achieving your goals.

That’s 365 steps to move you closer toward career, financial, and personal success. Awesome!

What do you say? Please share your thoughts in the comments …


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