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Job Tip #10 | Have a Written Resume Before Contacting Hiring Managers

20 Jan

Frequently I get calls from job seekers inquiring about getting their resume written. Part of my needs assessment (or information gathering) process is asking how soon they need their resume. The answer is almost always the same. I need it within the next day or two. Or I need it as soon as possible.  My next question is, “Why the rush?”

They almost always give the same answer as other job seekers, “I promised the manager I would get it to him today or tomorrow,” or something along those lines.

Are you kidding me?

I think to myself, “You don’t have anything to present to the hiring manager, yet you’re actively performing your job search AND you promised him your resume by the end of the day or tomorrow?”

Now I do understand sometimes these conversations come up between two people who are simply having a conversation. But to be an active job seeker and calling managers to request interviews without a complete and well-written resume is one sure way to show managers you don’t’ care about their time or yours. And that’s not good!

So, it’s a good idea to have your resume finished and ready before contacting hiring managers or inquiring about a job.

That way, if the hiring manager is interested and asks you to send your resume immediately, you can. Right now!

In addition, your conversation will still be fresh on her mind and she doesn’t have to remember what was said and to whom.

More importantly, this also shows you are:

  • prepared and focused
  • fast and Reliable
  • results driven
  • professional

So there you have it. Make every effort to have your resume completed prior to contacting employers and hiring managers.  You’ll enjoy a more stress-free job search.

What do you say? Please share your thoughts in the comments …


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Marvin Wilson is a professional resume writer and job search coach for He is dedicated to helping job seekers & employers connect. You can follow him at You should Become a Fan at


Job Tip #9 | Make a Great First Impression the Second Time

15 Jan

You’ve sent your resume and the accompanying cover letter and you’ve no doubt made a remarkable first impression. Now you think, “It’s a matter of time before someone contacts me about a job interview.”

Oftentimes you’ll be excited about any expectation of getting a return call from an employer.

Stop! Hold up! Wait a minute!

Don’t be in too much of a hurry to answer the phone or shoot off an email just yet.

Why? Because,

  • You may come across as being overly anxious or needy.
  • You may appear to be unprepared and unfocused.
  • You may want to consider what action steps you’ll take next.
  • You may be at work and run the risk of being overheard.
  • You may want to be in the driver seat during your job search.

So, never answer the phone or reply to an email if you are not ready to talk to or communicate with an employer.

Preparation is key.

The time must be right for both you and the employer. This is so important. If you are not prepared, then you may come across as someone who is not smart, intelligent, or capable of performing on the job.

It’s better to talk to an employer when you have planned and prepared your presentation. This way you’ll appear as being prepared and your conversation will reflect it.

In addition, the employer may see you as the intelligent person you are and as the perfect fit for the job and company.

What do you say? Please share your thoughts in the comments …


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Marvin Wilson is a professional resume writer and job search coach for He is dedicated to helping job seekers & employers connect. You can follow him at You should Become a Fan at

Job Tip #5 | Top Seven Reasons Why Your Resume is Invisible and You Don’t Get the Job Your Really Want.

13 Nov

Submitting an invisible resume to employers could be detrimental to your career.

But that begs the question; if your resume is invisible, how would a hiring manage know the resume was there in the first place?  Because when he initially scans your resume he doesn’t see anything that attracts him to it or to the person it represents – which is YOU!

So it’s important that your resume is the most visible resume in a stack with other job seekers’ resumes.

For many people, resume writing is a difficult chore. It’s detailed work and highly time consuming. However, it continues to be one of the most important documents you should have for your job search. Therefore, it should be a first-rate resume.

So here you are.

The top seven reasons why your resume is invisible:

  1. Poorly written content – your resume content is NOT clear, concise, descriptive, sound, and hard hitting.
  2. You aren’t professional – your resume was written by amateurs or someone who does not have the know-how of a writer and the communications skills of a sales and marketing professional.
  3. It lacks marketability – your resume is not marketable, or more importantly, your resume is not remarkable.  (Remember, if you are not remarkable, you’re invisible.)
  4. It’s Unfocused – your resume is NOT focused and tailored to the industry, career, or position you seek.
  5. It’s even less focused – more importantly, your resume is NOT focused and tailored to the hiring manager – the person who has the authority to say “yes” to hiring you.
  6. No added value – your resume doesn’t add value to the probable employer and/or hiring manager’s department.
  7. Not results driven – your resume focuses too much on your skills, experiences, and talents, and not enough on your accomplishments.

There you have it. If you want to write a resume that employers and hiring managers ignore then follow the examples above and you mission will be accomplished.  If not, then do the opposite.

Marvin Wilson is a professional resume writer and job search coach for  He is dedicated to helping job seekers & employers connect. You can follow him at You should Become a Fan at

Seven Things All Job Seekers Should Do To Get The Job They Really Want!

1 Apr

1.    Pay Little Attention to Details During Your Job Search: This will definitely get employers attention. And yes, you will stand out amongst the other job seekers. Think about this. The other job seekers waste the employers’ time by paying attention to every little detail. Paying too much attention to details is only for those job seekers who have all the time in the world.

2.    Arrive Late for the Interview: Managers are busy and important people. So whatever extra time they have between interviews gives them more time to get other important things done. Arriving late shows the employer that you are a busy and important person, too. This creates a favorable impression of you.

3.    Don’t Answer the Questions Asked of You During the Interview: Dodge as many questions as possible.  Especially since the interviewer has your resume with your glowing list of duties and responsibilities. Make sure the interviewer has to figure out what you are trying to convey during the interview. This way he has to listen deeply to really get the answers he needs to understand you.

4.    Make Sure the Employer Knows You Don’t Really Need the Job: Sure jobs are hard to come by these days, but talented employees are hard to come by, also.  So be as reserved as possible. Show little or no interest and you’ll increase you likability factor. This makes employers really want to hire you.

5.    Don’t Prepare for the Interview: Preparation takes up too much of your valuable job search time. Use this time conducting your job search and scheduling more interviews. Remember job searching is a numbers game. Save this time for those more important job search activities. Besides, the employer won’t know how little time you spent preparing for the interview.

6.    Do as Little Company Research as Possible: The only thing you really need to know at this point is 1.) the duties and responsibilities and 2.) how much the job pays. You can learn more about the company during the interview and on-the-job training once you get the job. Again, this saves you much needed time for other important job search activities and allow you to conduct more interviews in less time.

7.    Take a Look at Your Calendar and do the exact opposite of everything I said above. Have a great April Fools Day!

Yes you will differentiate yourself from the other job seekers by following these tips… but not in a positive way. Your first impression will be a lasting negative impression.

So pay attention to details, show up on time for your interviews, answer the questions asked, show interest in the job and company, prepare well, and learn as much as possible about the job and the company prior to attending the interview and you’ll differentiate yourself from the “me seekers” and get the job you really want.

What are your thoughts? Tell me at which point above you thought I was insane?

Marvin Wilson is a professional resume writer and job search coach for  He is dedicated to helping job seekers & employers connect. You can follow him at