Job Tip #10 | Have a Written Resume Before Contacting Hiring Managers

20 Jan

Frequently I get calls from job seekers inquiring about getting their resume written. Part of my needs assessment (or information gathering) process is asking how soon they need their resume. The answer is almost always the same. I need it within the next day or two. Or I need it as soon as possible.  My next question is, “Why the rush?”

They almost always give the same answer as other job seekers, “I promised the manager I would get it to him today or tomorrow,” or something along those lines.

Are you kidding me?

I think to myself, “You don’t have anything to present to the hiring manager, yet you’re actively performing your job search AND you promised him your resume by the end of the day or tomorrow?”

Now I do understand sometimes these conversations come up between two people who are simply having a conversation. But to be an active job seeker and calling managers to request interviews without a complete and well-written resume is one sure way to show managers you don’t’ care about their time or yours. And that’s not good!

So, it’s a good idea to have your resume finished and ready before contacting hiring managers or inquiring about a job.

That way, if the hiring manager is interested and asks you to send your resume immediately, you can. Right now!

In addition, your conversation will still be fresh on her mind and she doesn’t have to remember what was said and to whom.

More importantly, this also shows you are:

  • prepared and focused
  • fast and Reliable
  • results driven
  • professional

So there you have it. Make every effort to have your resume completed prior to contacting employers and hiring managers.  You’ll enjoy a more stress-free job search.

What do you say? Please share your thoughts in the comments …


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