Job Tip #2 | Learn a New Job Skill and Add Value to Your Personal Brand.

7 Apr

Learn a new career or job skill you’ve always wanted to learn but never got around to learning. Perhaps you’re a professional php developer and always wanted to learn or SEO. Or a graphic designer who always wanted to learn to develop web applications.

Developing new skills add value to your brand or image.

Spend some time daily learning a new job skill. Go outside areas of your comfort zone.

It doesn’t have to be anything pricey. You can teach yourself by using books or audio program; attending a seminar or simply taking a tele-class; going back to school; or simply learning on the job. There are plenty free or inexpensive online tutorials for almost any subject that might interest you.

Feed your brain something it craves, real food, not junk food such a TV and video games. Learn something new. Now more than ever it’s up to you to invest in your career growth.

What job skill have YOU always wanted to learn but never got around to learning?


Marvin Wilson is a professional resume writer and job search coach for  He is dedicated to helping job seekers & employers connect. You can follow him at


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